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Thread Closed - Suggestions/Bug Reports

The purpose of this thread is basically reporting bugs or whatever on this community and if you have some suggestion, we are always listening to new ideas and always listening for feedback.
  • Don't spam the board with multiple suggestions, keep it to one topic.
  • Please don't title your topic as suggestion or bug only, be more specific.  This means "suggestion - title goes here" or "Bug Report - title goes here" is not allowed.
  • Explain each feature that you mention in your thread EXPLICITLY, which means to be clear .
Note: This format does not limit you to use it as-is. If you've a better way of formatting your thread with the same set of questions covered, you may use it.

[b]Topic Subject:[/b]
[b]How will this benefit[/b]
[b]Other comment ?:[/b]
Please read the Community Rules
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