Logitech No-Recoil Script

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Logitech No-Recoil Script

here is a simple no-recoil script that got me from iron 2 -> diamond 1 within a couple of days.

here are the settings I used to grind my way to diamond:

* in-game sens: 0.6
* multiplier: 0.999
* activate/deactivate by clicking G5.
* mouse sens: 1200dpi


Update 7/20/20: this script still works as of Today. currently ranked immortal 3 using this script in all of my comp matches.
Update 1/25/21: script still working for me, just hit immortal using it. thanks to everyone who helps the new people in the thread bc i am busy w school!

*pls note that this script can easily be improved, but it's all on personal preference and works for me.

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works best with vandal, phantom + bulldog!
[Image: Vu4Z2r4.gif] 

thank you

Thank you <33333

thanks for the release

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