Bread (stat editor, basic unlocks)

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Bread (stat editor, basic unlocks)


  1. Set Ballistic Equipment Request Value (you can get rid of money using this).
  2. Rank Changer.
  3. Stat editor (int, float, bool, increment).
  5. Unlocks (Magic, Bools, Ints, Modded Run, Cayo Perico Heist, Diamond Casino Heist, Bunker Research, Reset Mental State, Gold Business Battle Trophy, Unhide Gunlocker Weapons).
  6. Clear Wanted Level, Stop Cutscene and Go Into Personal Vehicle.
  7. Packed Int Editor.
  8. Packed Bool Editor.
  9. IsDlcPresent hook (R* Dev Mode)

Is this detected?
A: Look at the thread title, if it says [Detected] or [Outdated] just don't use it.
Can I unlock everything with this tool?
A: No.
It didn't unlock I Heart LC T-Shirt, Asshole T-Shirt and R* Dev T-Shirt.
A: You need to BUY these T-Shirts at the CLOTHING STORE.

How to use:
inject the DLL (BigBaseV2_[]_.dll) using PH2 into "GTA5.exe", go back to the game and press INSERT to open the GUI.
stats are located in AppData/Roaming/BigBaseV2/stat_editor.json.

[Image: tIv8lkT.png]

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