I will buy API keys from exchanges for 5% of the balance or for work

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I am ready to buy API keys from exchanges, in priority: Kraken (from $2k), Coinbase (from $15-30k+), KuCoin (from $5k), Bittrex (from $1k), Binance (from $15-30k), ByBit (from $15-30k), Huobi (from 5k$+). For 5% of the nominal value. With trading rights. Garant +.

Or I am ready to offer a withdrawal from the API keys, in your direction 60% of the profit. The working time is up to 7-8 hours. % of the withdrawal from the balance depends on the exchange, I am not responsible for disabling the keys if the owner disables the rights to them. Garant +.

First contact in PM.

Support - @Crypto_Sangreal

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