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KEEP IN MIND THAT This is NOT a compile-to-run source, because Gameloop(TenProtect) limits OpenProcess handle's access to aow_exe.exe, but if you know how to bypass the limitation and you grow tired of reversing this junk game, this source will help you build one working hack with minimum effort, at least the offsets are up to date Big Grin . 

Screenshot after bypassing aforementioned limitation:

[Image: t9k2CNL.png]
1. Player ESP (2d box, skeleton, ignore teammate, identify robot) 
2. Item/Lootbox ESP Vehicle ESP Grenade Alert
3. Player Health/Name/Distance/Line

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Use a vulnerable kernel driver like this to bypass gameloop restrictions, an alternative way is to remove ObRegisterCallback, this method works for a while but recently, Gameloop start to detect it and give instant 10 year ban, I would recommend whoever use this method to change to aforementioned kernel driver method.

[Image: 4Ev9Kma.png]

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Another hq post  Cool
good work
Don't leech 

(06-12-2020, 08:32 AM)Sha Wrote:
Another hq post  Cool
good work
Thank You Smile Lets keep posting more HQ Contents Big Grin
[Image: 4Ev9Kma.png]

good work

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