How to counterfeit money

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How to counterfeit money

I spend almost 2 months in searching for Counterfeiting Guide. I tryed here and on several other forums but i didn't find much. For some reason nobody want to share their knowledge. 1 dread user wanted to share but he asked 1200e for that lol. After that i tryed on clearweb. I watched literally 1000 videos about arrested counterfeiters from whole world and try to find out something about machines they were use. Also a read few books and watch few movies about counterfeiting. Few days ago i found 75gb Fraud bible 2020 version and in there were just few templates and one poor guide about USD notes. Then finally i found this on some Russian forum. I don't want anyone to loose months on searching so i will copy-paste few things i found. It's not complete but it's much more than i find for this 2 months of searching.

Euro & USD

Subjects covered:

– Two sheet Method

– True Metallic Security Thread

– Watermark and alternative methods

– Holograms

– OVI (aka Color Shifting Ink)

– UV Ink

– Raised Print

– Equipments

1. Equipment Necessary

1. Color Inkjet Printer.

2. Laserjet Printer

3. Normal Printer Paper

4. Special paper used for counterfeiting.

5. Silver Transfer Foil

6. Holographic Transfer Foil

7. Laminator

8. School Glue

9. Gloves (rubber/latex ones)


1. Pre-made hologram stickers

2. Make up glitter powder

3. Small pencil


(For every necessary thing there is a dedicated note)

1. Color Inkjet Printer

This is obviously the most important part of the of the printing process. A lot of people

ask me what printer to get, but because I haven't tested them all, I can't tell you. What I

can tell is that your printer needs to have the following specifications as a MINUMUM.

2400 dpi x 9600 dpi.

Depending on your budget, the Cannon Pixma 925 might be a great printer. It's really

cheap, provides great quality, is almost available everywhere, and does not leave tracer

dots. Please use this site to compare your the printers.


More expensive printers usually don't offer better quality, just faster print speeds and

more options like bigger touch screens, enterprise support and other things we don't


2. Laserjet

We will be using the Laserjet to make the security thread and the hologram if you are going to

do that yourself. You can also choose to make gold stip on the back of Euro notes with this


– What printer do I need to get?

The quality of the Laserjet does not really matter, since we're going to cover the print

up with metallic foil.

Your printer needs to have the following specifications:

Resolution: 2400 x [Does not matter]

Does not need to be a color printer.

Suggested printer: http://printers.toptenreviews.com/laser/...ressreview.


Many Laserjets leave 'Tracerdots'

These dots can be used to find valuable information about the person who bought the printer.

Never, ever, connect your Laserjet to the Internet.

3. Normal Printing Paper

We will use normal paper for the tests. It costs less, functions the same as the special

paper. Use whatever paper you want.

4. Special Counterfeiting Paper

This is the paper we need to use when printing the final notes. It is pretty hard to

obtain, but if you ask many Alibaba vendor for it some will be able to offer it. I will provide

some links to vendors who offered it in the past.


– 90>% cotton paper, preferably 100%

– Preferably no starch in the paper (If there is starch the pen test will be positive)

– Not bleaching agents in the paper (They light up as white/blue under UV light)

– 35 / 40 GSM Thickness (for the 2 sheet method)

– 70-85 GSM Thickness for the single sheet method

5. Holographic Transfer Foil

If you are going to buy ready made holograms you can skip this.

We will use this metallic like foil to create the front part of our hologram. It is very important that

the quality of this transfer foil is as good as possible. I have been using following vendor for ages.



6. Silver Transfer Foil

We will use this metallic like foil to create the background part of our hologram. It is very

important that the quality of this transfer foil is as good as possible. I have been using following

vendor for ages.



Other vendors will work too, this person has just been reliable and shipped quickly.

7. Laminator

We will be using a laminator to make the Security thread, the Hologram & to glue the bills together.

– What Laminator do I need to get?

It doesn't really matter. I use one I bought for $15 about six year ago. I removed the cap of

my laminator to less paper would stick behind, so try to look for a laminator which has the

parts screwed together instead of glued.

Again, Any laminator will do, even the ones which have been glued together

8. School Glue

We will use School glue to glue together the 2 sheets. School glue doesn't leave 'oil' like stains in

the paper, is cheap, and can be mixed with water.

Take note, School glue is translucent, liquid and smell strong.

9. Latex Gloves

To prevent fingerprints getting on the paper. I suggest using them during the entire process, even if

you're not touching the bills.

10. Hologram Stickers

If you don't want to print your own holograms, you can buy premade hologram sticker.

Please note that because it is an sticker, you will be able to see the small plastic sticker part if you

look closely.

Suppliers: (50-100 Euro holograms only)

Directly from China: Supplier: Skype: amychen725

11. Glitter Make up

For making OVI, also known as color shifting ink.

This process is extremely hard, and it takes ages to get good results, but it might be

worth it. Up to you to decide.

We will use Pearl-Ex Pigments for this step.

Product: http://www.jacquardproducts.com/pearl-ex-pigments.html
We will need the Duo, Green & Purple variant.
[Image: Vu4Z2r4.gif] 

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