⚡ Combo Golder By OkProg | Make Combos LQ To UHQ ⚡

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• Editor: - Split your file to multi files-

Line remover (for make seller log,...)

File adder (make combo with user + pass, make passlist,...)

Combo separator (save passwords of combo,...)

Password sorter (specialize combo password for specific sites)

• Reg checker: DancingClown -
Show combo quality! (weak, medium, high, ultra)- Gaming reg checker (Ea reg)- PSN ID api reg checker- Music reg checker (Spotify Reg)

- Go to the site for which the config is made.
- Check password requirements by trying to sign up. For example above site demands 6 characters with atleast 1 number.
- All the lines in combo which have password as only number or only characters will definitely not be a hit and waste ur time.
- You can use Combo Golder to remove those unwanted lines and get targeted passwords.
- This can reduce the lines to upto 50% and save your time and proxies and give faster hits.

[Image: ikZqCKh.png]

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Bro thanks

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